Malvern Open Homes

Malvern Open HomesMalvern Open Homes – General information

Malvern Open Homes (MOH) is a scheme being run by Malvern Welcomes, where members of the public temporarily offer spare rooms in their homes free of charge to refugees and asylum seekers who would otherwise end up homeless.

Malvern Open Homes will not only seek to provide accommodation through this scheme, but also to create a support network to help individuals to get back on their feet and get on with their lives.

Malvern Welcomes will work in conjunction with Refugees at Home to match hosts with guests. We will work with local charity People in Motion and other parties to create a support network to enable guests to feel welcome, to develop language skills, make friends, and find opportunities in our town.

Who are Refugees at Home?

Refugees at Home are a small group set up in London in 2015 to help secure accommodation for destitute refugees and asylum seekers. The scheme matches generous hosts, to guests in need.

Guests are predominantly young males, from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia. They will either be in the asylum seeking process, or have reached refugee status.

Hosts are generous individuals with a spare room. Often people whose children have left home. Sometimes it’s a small spare room, sometimes it’s more. Hosts will be interested in getting to know their guests, and helping them feel welcome in their new community.

What is our hub made up of?

  • Hub Leader and core team, and a support team of Individuals offering skills and time, either directly to the refugees, or in the running of the project
  • Hosts – People with available rooms in their homes
  • Home visitors – Professionals with relevant backgrounds who vet potential hosts, and check on the progress of placements.
  • Guests – Individuals in need, who Refugees at Home match with our hosts
  • Referrers – Organisations who deal with homeless and destitute refugees in the surrounding area, who will refer guests to Refugees at Home who then match them to our hosts

What else?

Opportunity – Due to our location we need to offer support and opportunity. Therefore we are seeking local employers able to offer anything from voluntary work, to work experience, and paid temporary to full time employment. Employers can offer refugees a chance to improve their skills, prove their worth and gain references, and ultimately get back into paid employment. From an hour’s volunteering to a full time job, all options in all areas will be considered, with no minimum commitment from the provider, apart from a commitment to providing references.

Language skills development – from ESOL teachers, to people available for conversation practice, or help filling in forms, we will need people to help improve guests’ communication skills.

Friendship and Welcome – Whilst hosts play a huge part in this, we want to create a social hub, where guests and hosts meet each other and are helped to make new friends. We will need some social events co-ordinators and buddies to enable this.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a host, have a look at our questions and answers page.