Allotment and Bee-keeping

We were offered the use of a patch of derelict land a year ago and now, after a lot of very hard work, there is an impressively fertile vegetable patch.       

This is what they say:-


The allotment

We started by cleaning, tilling, digging and adding manure. We repeated this process for almost six months in order to prepare the soil for planting.  It required lots of work.

Now we are growing many kinds of vegetable such as carrots, onions, garlic, parsley, tomato, mint and lettuce. They are doing very well. We are impressed to see them growing this quickly. We hope to plant even more things next year.


We feel happy when we eat something organic so we will do our best to work on this allotment as it will give us healthier food and also save our money.

We enjoyed it a lot, especially when the other families joined us as well as Andrew. Andrew was a big star and helped us a lot and gave us much useful advice to help us prepare the soil.

It’s a pleasure to work with some friends, enjoy the weather and spend some lovely time with them. It is also good exercise!



Very beautiful handling bees.  Because we learn team-work.  To build a bee kingdom.  Like the Malvern Welcomes team.  I was raising bees in Iraq and loved taking care of them.

Author: Mary Marsh

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