What we do

Awareness – raising and education

We aim to nurture a welcoming environment for refugees who have fled war and persecution by raising awareness of the issues facing refugees. We believe that providing students and the general public with accurate information is the best way to counter the negative rhetoric that is often found in some sections of the media in the UK. Visiting schools is a vital part of this work. In 2016 we spoke to around 5,000 students in local schools. As a result of this, many schools held fund-raising events, and collections of essential items for refugees as well as organizing letter-writing activities and petitions.


Christopher Whitehead 6th Form visit

Sixth Form students at Christopher Whitehead Language College, were visited by Ruth Forecast who talked about the current refugee crisis, raising students’ awareness of the conditions in which thousands of people are struggling to survive.

‘You came to my college the other day to give a talk and I wanted to write to you thank you for being so eye opening. It made me realise how bad conditions were and how every little helps. Hopefully I will be looking into helping in some way.’ Student from local 6th form

We also give presentations to groups in the community including Women’s Institute and Scout and Beaver Groups.

We all sleep under the same stars – a collection of poems by eleven year olds about the refugee experience

These original poems were written by the very talented Year 6 children from Greenfield Primary School in Stourbridge.

They were inspired to write following a Letterpress Project event with Karen Argent about the experience of asylum seekers and refugees as expressed in several children’s books.

We guarantee that you will be impressed with the maturity and compassion of these young writers who have composed a range of creative work to be proud of.

Click here to see Refugee_Poems4.pdf

Supporting resettled familes in Malvern

These are just a few of the ways in which we support families in Malvern. 

  • Providing an English programme which is delivered by our team of experienced volunteers. We know how vital it is for people arriving in the UK to become proficient in English as quickly as possible. This enables them to become part of our local community, to gain employment and to live independently.
  • Supporting adults in seeking employment and assisting with funding for transport to courses and interviews.
  • Facilitating the families in becoming involved in community activities.
  • Helping adults to find volunteering opportunities.
  • Helping families to access medical care by supporting them at medical appointments when necessary.
  • Arranging social events. These are always enjoyable and are very important to ensure that families feel included in the community.
  • Awareness raising and education. We give talks to schools and community groups.
  • Offering support to the schools attended by resettled children.