Margaret Bryer

I worked as a social worker for 36 years – in local authority Child Care; in social work training and later in International social work.  I have been a trustee of several charities and also a school governor. I have travelled widely, including to several countries in the Middle East, and my family has welcomed people from many nationalities to our home over the years.

Having visited Malvern regularly since 1980, I finally moved here in 2003. As well as becoming a member of the Justice and Peace Group of Churches Together, I have taken an interest in Malvern Welcomes since its inception and have attended various events over the past few years. 

As a trustee I will support the Management committee and volunteers and think that my previous experience will be very useful in this role.  It is vital that we do all we can to support the families who are already in Malvern, and to enable more refugees to come here.

Fiona Charmichael

I have been working as an academic since 1986 – at the universities of East Anglia, Aberystwyth, Salford and now Birmingham, where I am a Professor in Economics. I have also worked in the civil service and for a bank. I have lived in different places in the UK and also in different countries as a child and so have a bit of experience of being a ‘stranger’. It’s good that Malvern Welcomes is supporting people whose lives have become so perilous that they needed to travel such a long way to find peace.

Dan Herbert

Dan Herbert

I am a qualified accountant and after periods working for the National Audit Office and in local government I now work at the University of Birmingham as Director of Education in the Business School. Recently I have been using my accounting skills to help local groups. All too often it is lack of professional advice that stops groups achieving their aims. The aim of doing something to address the needs of refugees through community action is one I see as particularly valuable.

Tony Matthews

I am a retired Building Services Engineer, married with two children and two grandchildren.  My wife and I moved to Malvern in July 2013 and we have been supportive of all that Malvern Welcomes has stood for and worked for since their early days.  I was therefore delighted to be asked to serve as a Trustee and I hope to use the skills I have learned through being a school governor to be a critical friend to the hard-working management team. Together we seek to help refugee families, who have been through so much suffering to get here, to find a peaceful and happy new life in Malvern.

John Raine

John Raine

My primary career has been as an academic at the University of Birmingham where I am Professor of Management and Governance in Criminal Justice.  In recent years I have also been very active as a locally elected councillor – at both district and county council levels.  As such, over the past year, I have been working hard to persuade our councils to host some Syrian refugee families.  While the Government’s austerity programme is making life very difficult financially for councils, Worcestershire, overall, is a relatively well-resourced county and also benefits from having a vibrant voluntary sector. Together, we can surely do much through resettlement here and the provision of humanitarian support to alleviate the terrible suffering that such families have endured for so long.

Dick Stockford

Dick Stockford

I worked in local government and NHS before becoming a senior Civil Servant in the Department of Health. I had a private practice as a facilitator and coach and now chair a national charity The charity helps people from excluded communities (including refugees) achieve their ambitions.

Rosemary Thorp – Lead Sponsor

I have been a university teacher and researcher all my professional life,
working on issues of poverty and inequality in Latin America. Supporting
the work of Malvern Welcomes fits really well with my strong desire for
more justice and real generous human relationships in this world. I
joined Malvern Welcomes three years ago, and have been chair of the
Management Committee, and the lead sponsor responsible to the Home
Office for the families we support under the Full Community Sponsorship
scheme. I have recently given up my involvement in management but I  am
continuing as a trustee and lead sponsor.